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Drama Club

Drama Club's mission is to consistently care for youth—especially those who are incarcerated and court involved—by creating space for them to thrive, with improv as their guide. No strings attached.

Drama Club offers theater and mentorship as social-emotional learning tools to improve the wellbeing of youth. Their focus began with youth who are incarcerated and/or court-involved and has expanded beyond confinement into communities disproportionately impacted by incarceration.

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Drama Club Factsheet


Drama Club is the only organization in New York City that provides consistent, year-round theatre programming within facilities such as: Horizon, Crossroads, and Rikers Island.


In 2020, Drama Club began to develop a play alongside playwright, Ren Dara Santiago. This project is an intergenerational dialogue between formerly incarcerated individuals. The play aims to bring greater awareness to the human cost and traumas on the family of the unique American issue of mass incarceration.