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Brooklyn Boatworks

Brooklyn Boatworks provides students in underserved communities with access to a high-quality boat building program that cultivates academic and STEM skills, nurtures positive behavior development, and fosters teamwork and leadership development during the crucial “make or break” middle school years.

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Brooklyn Boatworks Factsheet


Leadership development is key to the Brooklyn Boatworks curriculum. During each class, a different student assumes the “Captain of The Day” role, where they lead and support peers. Each student serves as Captain at least twice, facilitating the development of leadership skills while concurrently learning to respect guidance from peers.


Each of the students who graduated from Brooklyn Boatworks last school year demonstrated knowledge of tool usage and safety, model building, lofting, measuring, sawing, leveling, finishing, and laminating, with 86% reporting a proficiency or mastery of these skills.

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