Welcome to SparkYouth's Newest Board Members!

We are honored to highlight the four newest members of our Board of Directors: Kyle Bolden (EY), Baaba Halm (Enterprise Community Partners), Neha Santiago (Cerberus Capital Management), and Shiva Viswanathan (Northwood Investors).

SparkYouth’s Board is comprised of individuals from various backgrounds and with different skill sets, but who share a passion and dedication to achieving our mission of expanding opportunities for the young people of New York City.

We’re grateful to have Kyle, Baaba, Neha, and Shiva bringing their unique voices to this prestigious group as we continue investing in our city’s most valuable resource - our young people.

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On behalf of SparkYouth’s Board of Directors, thank you to Kyle, Baaba, Neha, and Shiva for bringing their valuable insights, expertise, and sparks to SparkYouth!