SparkYouth Scholars - Educational Supplies Scholarship (2020) 



SparkYouth NYC is currently accepting applications for its SparkYouth Scholars Scholarship to be awarded in July 2020.  Selected recipients from our member programs will receive a scholarship award ranging from $500 to $2,000.  Applications are due on Monday, June 15th, 2020 at 5:00pm.  Please carefully review the eligibility and selection criteria outlined below before applying.  


Below you will find the policies and procedures for the SparkYouth NYC Educational Supply Scholarship (the "Scholarship") that will be awarded to recipients meeting the eligibility and selection criteria set forth below. All Scholarships will be administered by SparkYouth NYC, Inc. ("SparkYouth") pursuant to the terms and conditions outlined below.


SparkYouth NYC is a nonprofit organization that ignites growth in community-based programs to expand opportunities for the young people of New York City. We work with emerging youth organizations at a critical stage of their development. Our long-term financial and organizational support of these programs helps ensure their exponential growth. These organizations provide crucial opportunities and essential skills to young people and help transform lives. 


In furthering this purpose, SparkYouth has allocated funds for the establishment of an educational supplies scholarship to be awarded on an annual basis to former or current participants of SparkYouth's current member organizations. The amount and number of Scholarships awarded will depend on SparkYouth's annual budget.


The Scholarship amounts for the academic year commencing in 2020 are anticipated to range from $500-$2,000. This range may, however, be varied by SparkYouth at its discretion.

If funds are available, SparkYouth may provide a Scholarship in a full or reduced amount to the recipient for a subsequent year at College. Recipients who wish to receive a Scholarship for subsequent years at College should apply each year.

The Scholarship must be used only for the purchase of textbooks, a laptop computer, software and other educational supplies ("Supplies"). It is important that the Scholarship only be used for the Supplies so that the recipient is not subject to taxation on the Scholarship amount received.

SparkYouth would like to use its Scholarship recipients' stories for promotional and fundraising purposes and will ask them to acknowledge publicity release in the Scholarship Acceptance Letter and Agreement when the scholarship is distributed. It will provide the recipients with the opportunity to opt-out of such publicity release.


 To be eligible for the Educational Supplies Scholarship, applicants must:

(a)   currently participate or have participated in one of SparkYouth's current member organizations in SparkYouth's;

(b)  have applied to, been accepted to, and attend or plan to attend a two or four-year college or university, vocational or trade school or other institute of post-secondary education;

(c)   have a demonstrated need for financial assistance;

(d)  not have received another grant covering all required educational supplies for the relevant academic year; and

(e)  not be a family member of any person connected to SparkYouth.

If otherwise eligible under the above an applicant will not be excluded from eligibility based on academic performance or nationality.


To be considered for a Scholarship, the applicant must submit an online application and supporting documentation no later than June 15th. The complete scholarship application consists of the following:

(a)          The Scholarship Application (in Part II) submitted online. 

(b)          An explanation of financial need and anticipated funding arrangements for College. SparkYouth may ask for additional supporting information including FAFSA or income tax returns (if applicable) or custodial parent/guardian income.

(c)          Details of the College to which the applicant has applied and, if available at the time of the application, a letter of acceptance to the College or equivalent documentation. If the letter of acceptance or equivalent documentation is not available at the time of application then it must instead be provided at the time the scholarship is accepted by the recipient.


Scholarship selection will be based on the following factors:

(d)          meeting each of the eligibility criteria set out above;

(e)          completion of the Scholarship Application in Part II;

(f)        for any applicant who is a foreign citizen, passing a check of the applicant's name against the Specially Designated Nationals List; and

(g)         following compliance with (a), (b) and (c) above, financial need (75% weighting) and demonstrated effort in preparing the Scholarship Application (25% weighting).

The Scholarship will be open to any applicant meeting the requirements contained in this document and recipients will not be pre-selected in any way.  Selection of the Scholarship recipients will be made in an objective and non-discriminatory fashion.


Following assessment of the applications, SparkYouth will issue a letter of agreement to each Scholarship recipient confirming selection, setting out the terms of the Scholarship, and requesting the recipient's agreement. If a letter of acceptance to the recipient's intended College or equivalent documentation was not included with the application, the recipient will provide an acceptance letter to SparkYouth at this time.

Upon receipt of the recipient's acknowledgement of and agreement to the Scholarship Acceptance Letter and Agreement, SparkYouth will send a check in the Scholarship amount to the address provided by the recipient.


As soon as the recipient uses the Scholarship to purchase Supplies, under the terms of the Scholarship Acceptance Letter and Agreement, the recipient will be required to submit receipts and details of the purchases to SparkYouth.

If SparkYouth does not receive receipts the recipient will not be eligible to receive any future Scholarships from SparkYouth. If SparkYouth believes Scholarship funds have not been used to purchase Supplies, it may investigate the use of the funds and, if any funds have been diverted and not used to purchase Supplies, it may require the recipient to repay the diverted funds.


The Scholarship process will proceed according to the following timeline:

·       Scholarship Information and Application released to potential recipients – May 18th

·       Scholarship Applications accepted – May 18th – June 15th

·       Scholarship Acceptance Letter and Agreements sent to selected recipients – July 17th

·       Scholarship funds released to recipients – July 31 - approximate date

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship application or attachments, please contact Kelley Cunningham via email at